Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spiff Sports

Former Atlanta Brave and now Houston Astros’ outfielder Jordan Schafer has been arrested in Florida and charged with felony possession of marijuana. A police report says that black Land Rover driven by Schafer with its windows open pulled up next to a police car. Officers noticed a strong marijuana smell and saw Schafer smoking some wacky- tobaccy. Schafer admitted smoking marijuana and that he had more in the vehicle. A search turned up less than an ounce in a plastic container and a small amount inside “three small marijuana peanut butter cups”. WOW! I know whose house I will be “trick or treating” at this Halloween! Schafer was suspended for the first 50 games back in 2008 for a violation of baseball’s drug policy. There have been signs along the way that Schafer was having problems. If only his former Braves teammates could have noticed these tell-tale signs during their conversations with Jordan.

--Teammate: “Look, the bases are loaded.” --Schafer: “So am I.”

--Teammate: “I love the smell of freshly cut grass at Turner Field.” --Schafer: “And in my apartment.”

--Teammate: “We’re going into the bottom of the third.” --Schafer: “I’m already at the bottom of my fifth.”

--Teammate: “What song did you pick to be played as you walk up to the plate?” --Schafer: “Don’t Bogart that Joint, My Friend.”


Anonymous said...

So Spiff , you are the one in the middle, right :)

Spiff said...

Actually not too far off from how I looked in college.