Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Counterfeit $10 Bill

A Henry County student will soon find out if she faces expulsion for giving a counterfeit $10 bill to a teacher selling candy for a fund-raiser. As a public service here are the TOP FIVE signs you are holding a counterfeit Ten Dollar bill:

5—No U.S. Treasury building on the back. Instead, a Waffle House.

4—Across the top on the back it reads, “United States of America”. (No, wait a minute, that’s a WORTHLESS ten dollar bill.)

3—In place of Alexander Hamilton on the front, you see Al Franken.

2—The serial number is 867-5309JENNY

1—Four words … “In Government We Trust.”


jrbag73 said...

I turned on the radion on the 4th and heard Tripp and just knew you were gone because the format had changed and there was no Greg either. So sad. No one to make me laugh on the way to work. Removed 106.7 from all my radio presets. Miss ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

eshingCan hardly believe that the new owners of l06.7 have replaced the Randy & Spiff Morning Show! How absolutely insane is that?!? Mark me as one more fan who has removed 106.7 from my radio presets. Miss you very much and will wait to see where you start next. Will be waiting along with the rest of your fans. JAKind Loganville