Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Kennesaw Mountain Fall

Took a hike up Kennesaw Mountain today. The colors are popping! CLICK HERE for a quick slide show.

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Foochey said...

Oh man, I got on to hear you guys this morning and so sad to hear that you are no longer on radio. Wanted to hear your "Story Time" Spiff, classic stuff. Btw, what ever happened to the mechanic dude who hated Vegas and aluminum? Ed from Ed's Garage I believe. Hilarious. Hope you guys get back on the air soon, used to listen every morning on 97.1 years ago!
Great photo btw! I used to hike up that mountain before having 7 back surgeries ended all the fun for me! Now I no longer get to experience the thrill of feeling my blood pressure spike at 250/200 and watching my heart explode before my very eyes, or listening to my knees shatter on the way back down. :O)