Monday, April 21, 2014

Almost 14 years ago my youngest daughter Meredith received a birthday gift that changed all of our lives for the better … “Brady”, a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Although he was indeed Meredith's puppy, his heart was large enough to encompass all of us with his love. Always there for us … always happy … always ready to make each and every day brighter. “Brady” left us this evening to brighten the days forever for all those he meets on his next great adventure where all good dogs go when they leave us. You will always be in our hearts “Brady” as you made our hearts so much larger and so much more capable of unconditional love. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Needed more warm-up?

Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals looked very good during warm-ups before facing the Braves today.  Gio did NOT look very good once the game started.  Braves scored 6 runs off him in the first two innings.  Final score ... Braves 10, Nats 2.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bugging Out

Changing the passwords to all of my accounts and sign-ins to "Heartbleed". That should be tough to crack.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Letterman Retires!

The TOP FIVE reasons why David Letterman is retiring in 2015:

5--Microphone emits feedback every time it gets close to Dave's "First Alert" necklace.

4--Dave is completely exhausted by number six while doing the Top Ten List.

3--4:30PM taping time right in the middle of the Early Bird Special at Bernie's Buffet.

2--Even at 82 degrees in the Ed Sullivan Theater, Dave still feels chilled.

And the number one reason why David Letterman is retiring in 2015:

1--Got himself a very sweet deal on a Fixed Indexed Annuity.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to handle a phone scammer

So, I get a phone call from this dude who says he is a Microsoft technician from California. (Who oddly enough sounded like he was really in Mumbai) Anyway, I have heard about these scammer types so I immediately go into my best southern Georgia, “Honey Boo-Boo” accent … 
“H’lo whatcha want?”
“Sir, do you have Windows?” 
“Not since the tornado,” I sez. “Heck, I’m lucky to have a door to my trailer. Had to board everything up.” 
“Do you have the desktop?”
“Nope, I do all my paperwork on the kitchen table, just like everyone else in the trailer park.” 
“Do you have the laptop?”
“I’m tellin’ you this in confidence my friend. I have been known, on payday, to visit the Pink Pony for a quick lap dance. But I will deny that if you tell anyone.” 
“How then do you get your email?” 
“I don’t know what this email thing is … but, when I want THE mail, I walk down to the end of the drive and take it out of my mailbox. That was, I did before that dang tornado blew my mailbox all the way to India!” 
“You do not have any computer devices in your home?” 
“I am lucky to have electricity at all! Heck, they just turned the power back on an hour ago. And I’m told it will be a week before I have phone service.”
(Long pause) “I will call you back when your phone service is restored. Goodbye” 
“Hey, wait a minute fella. Before you hang up, do me a favor and look out your window. Can you see my dang mailbox? You have windows don’tcha!!!”