Sunday, July 10, 2022

Story Time, Boys and Girls

Recently, Janet said to me, “you know, you should write a book about your life experiences that you could share with our grandkids. You have plenty of cool things to talk about. Crazy radio stories, the scoop on celebrities you’ve met, hints about that ‘Top Secret’ job you did in the Air Force, high school and college tall tales, and some crazy family stories that I will have to give you permission to use before you include them in your book.” 

So, I may just do that. I should be able to find time to write and still get in my hikes and naps. How hard could it be? Heck, it only took me three days to come up with the title of the book. That’s the hard part, right? At this pace my grandkids will be getting their first edition copies just in time to share with their kids. And if I get stuck on my stories, I’ll just throw in a few of my photos to fill up some of the pages. Wish me luck. Oh look, time for a nap.