Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Kennesaw Mountain Fall

Took a hike up Kennesaw Mountain today. The colors are popping! CLICK HERE for a quick slide show.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Animal Activists

Animal Activists "Something went terribly wrong!" by Spiff Carner

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Bagpiper

Randy & Spiff receive an interesting email from a listener.  It's all about a Georgia Bagpiper.

The Bagpiper by Spiff Carner

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

"Randy & Spiff" inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame. Thanks for the incredible honor. Just to be associated with this group of fantastic and talented individuals is an amazing thrill. CLICK HERE for a short slide show of the fun.

For the AJC article by Rodney Ho CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Counterfeit $10 Bill

A Henry County student will soon find out if she faces expulsion for giving a counterfeit $10 bill to a teacher selling candy for a fund-raiser. As a public service here are the TOP FIVE signs you are holding a counterfeit Ten Dollar bill:

5—No U.S. Treasury building on the back. Instead, a Waffle House.

4—Across the top on the back it reads, “United States of America”. (No, wait a minute, that’s a WORTHLESS ten dollar bill.)

3—In place of Alexander Hamilton on the front, you see Al Franken.

2—The serial number is 867-5309JENNY

1—Four words … “In Government We Trust.”

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Story Time: The Bat Cave

It's a Monday morning Story Time boys and girls! Story Time: The Bat Cave by Spiff Carner

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spiff Sports

Former Atlanta Brave and now Houston Astros’ outfielder Jordan Schafer has been arrested in Florida and charged with felony possession of marijuana. A police report says that black Land Rover driven by Schafer with its windows open pulled up next to a police car. Officers noticed a strong marijuana smell and saw Schafer smoking some wacky- tobaccy. Schafer admitted smoking marijuana and that he had more in the vehicle. A search turned up less than an ounce in a plastic container and a small amount inside “three small marijuana peanut butter cups”. WOW! I know whose house I will be “trick or treating” at this Halloween! Schafer was suspended for the first 50 games back in 2008 for a violation of baseball’s drug policy. There have been signs along the way that Schafer was having problems. If only his former Braves teammates could have noticed these tell-tale signs during their conversations with Jordan.

--Teammate: “Look, the bases are loaded.” --Schafer: “So am I.”

--Teammate: “I love the smell of freshly cut grass at Turner Field.” --Schafer: “And in my apartment.”

--Teammate: “We’re going into the bottom of the third.” --Schafer: “I’m already at the bottom of my fifth.”

--Teammate: “What song did you pick to be played as you walk up to the plate?” --Schafer: “Don’t Bogart that Joint, My Friend.”

Dufus of the Day

(Snellville, Georgia) 21-year-old Stephen Daniel walked into a gas station and told the manager behind the counter to give him all the money in the register. The manager started putting the money in a bag . . . and also started LAUGHING. Why? Because Stephen clearly hadn't bothered to take a look around before the robbery . . . or he would've realized there was a Police Officer in line right behind him. After the manager handed Stephen the money, the officer . . . Lieutenant B.W. Brown from the Snellville police . . . grabbed him by the shoulder and placed him under arrest. You can bet that Stephen will be looking over his shoulder when in the slammer. If you know what I mean.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Tuesday Top Five

Randy & Spiff were “let go” yesterday from that radio station where they were drawing a paycheck. After years and years of getting up early to “Wake Up” the nice folks in Georgia, their routines have changed a bit. With that in mind, here are the TOP FIVE things Spiff Carner did this morning:

5—Set alarm clock for 3:30, wake up, toss clock in toilet, flush, go back to sleep.

4—Breakfast. Which beer do I try this morning?

3—Begin composing new country song, “Jobs may come and jobs may go but you’ll always be my baby.”

2—Call former radio station and attempt to win those much coveted fair tickets.

1—Look in mirror, notice unsightly nose hairs and say “Screw it!”

Good Morning!

WOW! What have we been missing all these years by getting up soooooo early. Life is good. Day one of a new adventure. Randy & Spiff ... Free Agents!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Breaking News!

Not to be confused with Breaking Wind! This just in! Randy & Spiff have been "let go" from Atlanta's Greatest Hits. This morning was our last radio show on 106.7. Thanks to all of our incredible, loyal listeners and friends who made going to work each morning so much fun. Without you we would not have survived in Atlanta for so many years. You are the very best! Who knows, we may even surface again on a radio near you. In the meantime, you can keep track of us here at or Company was sold. Strictly a business decision on the new owners part. Randy and I will be both FINE and DANDY. Too many blessings all around us to worry about a little speed bump like losing a job.