Sunday, February 27, 2022

Simple Pleasures

52Frames2022 Week 08 "Rule of Thirds" 

When the world seems to going to heck in a handbasket ... take a deep breath, and remember the simple joy of popping bubbles. 

Gigi and I were lucky enough to have our 2-year-old grandson while his parents took his older sister to Disneyworld. I can now report that Hurricane Austin is back home and FEMA is at our house assessing the damages. If Gigi and Papa took a shot of booze each time Austin said, “Where’s Mama?” … we would both be attending an AA meeting today. (If we were conscious.) Thanks, Austin for a most excellent, fun week. 

I used the "rule of thirds" focal point on the popping bubble in Austin's hands. Lucky shot you say? You would be correct! Many times I would rather be lucky than good.

Note: Many bubbles were harmed during this photo shoot.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Haunted Attic

52Frames2022 Week 07 "Unexplored" 

So, it’s been over a year now since we moved into our new home which is located about one-half mile from Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Since I have read a few books about the Battle of Atlanta, I am pretty sure that there were troop movements through the area where we’re now living. Which brings me to this. I heard a sound, as though something fell, coming from our attic. That would not be that unusual since I do have the habit of randomly stacking things on top of each other. I decided to investigate. Now, most of you, who listened to me on the radio, know that I’m not one to embellish or fabricate stories. (Okay, I have been known to do that on quite a few occasions. Matter of fact, former NBC news anchor Brian Williams takes a back seat to me when it comes to inventing amazing tall tales.) Anyway, as I slowly opened the door to our attic, I was confronted by what I can only describe as … a spirit from beyond. Was it a soldier from the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain? Was it a former land owner from days gone by? Or, was it me attempting to finish my weekly photo challenge which is … “Unexplored?”

Thursday, February 17, 2022

How we view the world today

52Frames2022 Week 06 "Depth of Field" 

Step one: Take a photo of one of my Corgis. Display the photo on my phone. This is Jenny (sister to Forrest.) I took her photo this week (200mm – f2.8 – 1/200.) Hey, that would qualify as a nice DOF photo itself. But wait, there’s more! 

Step two: Hold my phone with Jenny’s photo in front of my Nikon Z6II camera and take an even narrower DOF photo (40mm-f2.2-1/50.) Apparently, this is how we view our world today, on tiny screens that we hold out in front of our eyes. Amazing! 

Step three: Post the photo on 52Frames minutes before the deadline. Apparently, that is what I do each week. 

Step four: Tuesday or Wednesday go to 52Frames and view my submission on my phone screen. What a wonderful and tiny world we live in.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Break on through to the other side

52Frames2022 Week 05 "Black and White"

"You know the day destroys the night … Night divides the day … Tried to run … Tried to hide … Break on through to the other side" – The Doors

I noticed this elderly couple hiking a trail in Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.  They were near a monument and walking a path toward the forest.  I quickly (as fast as an old man can) set my shutter speed at 1/13 of a second using auto ISO and deliberately moved my camera up and down.  In post processing, I converted to B&W and made adjustments in Lightroom and Nik filters.  I liked the final look of an almost watery trail, with web-like tree limbs, mysterious white blocks and a chain fence leading line.  This photo can be interpreted in many ways, but I immediately thought of The Doors song.  Let me know what you see.