Friday, June 27, 2008

Independence Day Quiz

Think you know enough to be an American citizen? Click here and take this quiz to find out. Get 24 of the 30 questions correct and you pass! Let us all know how you do with our weekly poll.

(Thanks to Pace)


Bill Naivar said...
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Spiff said...

Ah, yep. Just click the purple "take this quiz to find out."

Bill Naivar said...

24 for me, and I'm ashamed my score was so low.

Spiff said...

Let's just say that I may be taking a foreign language class soon.

Datwck said...

Hey Spiffer,

Loved the Independence Day Quiz. I scored 25. Not great but OK for a 53-year-old geezer.

This is Chris in Hiawassee and I just want to wish you and everyone at "Spiff Happens" a happy and safe 4th of July.