Saturday, March 26, 2022

Hi-yo Silver! Away!

52Frames2022 Week 12 "Long Shutter" 

Spotted in front of an antique store in Acworth, Georgia ... a blast from my past ... the amazing "Coin Operated Horse Ride!" I remember, as a child, begging my dad to let me ride. After a not-so-short "wasted money" lecture, my dad walked away. That's when my mom quickly pulled a coin from her purse and in a flash I was transported to the days of yesteryear ... chasing bad guys on my trusty steed ... guns blazing! But, just as quickly as it started, the ride came to a grinding halt. That was it? A lousy 30 seconds of jerking up and down for 25 cents? And, from down the street I could hear my dad echo ... "wasted money."

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