Sunday, March 13, 2022

Planet Baseball

52Frames2022 Week 10 "Low Key" 

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry during the MLB lockout and labor dispute. I chose laughter by remembering one of my favorite and funniest baseball players … Bob Uecker. Bob is known for great quotes like: “Sporting goods companies pay me NOT to endorse their products” … and, “The way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until it stops rolling and then pick it up." Also, as Harry Doyle in the movie “Major League:” “This guy threw at his own son in a father son game.” And, from his Miller Lite commercials: “I must be in the front row.” So, I grabbed my Bob Uecker autographed baseball and small flashlight to produce this photo. I did not center the baseball in the photo because I wanted it … “JUST a bit outside.”

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