Sunday, April 3, 2022

Facing Fear

52Frames2022 Week 13 "Emotion" 

Sometimes you get the hawk … sometimes the hawk gets you. I was descending from the top of Kennesaw Mountain when I noticed a hawk pounce to the ground just off the path and very close to a mom and her daughter who were sitting on a bench. Obviously, the hawk saw something that could be lunch. As the hawk rummaged around, I crept closer while taking a series of photos. I was within around 10 to 15 feet of him/her when suddenly the hawk made a beeline straight towards me. (At this point, I remembered the punchline of an old joke that seemed appropriate … “bring me my brown pants.") Anyway, I continued to fire off shots from my trusty Nikon while also breaking out my best limbo move. The hawk blew past me only a couple of feet over my ducking head. I was able to get this photo and it is not cropped as the hawk filled the frame. It is also not as sharp as I would like but under the circumstances, I’ll take it. Final score … Hawk-1, Spiff-0. I’m hoping for the best out of three with this hawk.

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FormerGeorgian said...

Great shot! You really could have had a second career as a professional photographer.