Friday, March 10, 2017

Insert Twilight Zone music here

I am not a huge believer in the paranormal … but, this morning something interesting happened. Today would have been my late wife Duffy’s birthday. As I was getting something from the bottom cabinet of my office bookshelf, I heard something move and out of the corner of my eye saw an item falling off the top shelf. Luckily, I was able to grab the falling object before it hit the floor. That object just happened to be a small chalkboard in which Duffy (well over 24 years ago) had chalked a hand written message. It once hung by the back door to our home. That little chalkboard had been on that shelf for years and years. Why, today on what would have been Duffy’s birthday, it decided to fall … I have no idea. Moments before I was telling Janet how much I loved her, so perhaps Duffy was just showing me that she was happy with how my life after her turned out.

Or, I just closed the cabinet door too hard and it jarred the chalkboard off the shelf. I think I’ll go with the paranormal explanation. (Insert Twilight Zone theme music in your head now.)

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