Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CumuLOST Media

Sometimes you play little mind games to kill some time. For example, I follow the stock market and noticed that Cumulus Media (the company that changed 106.7 from Atlanta's Greatest Hits to All News, and fired Randy and me) had a closing stock price of 41 cents a share today. I did a little research and some top notch ciphering (after removing my shoes so that I use both my fingers and toes when counting) and came up with this: If you would had invested $10,000 in Cumulus Media on the day they fired us back in late 2011 ... today that stock would be worth ... wait for it ...

$183.04. (That includes a 8-1 reverse stock split)

During that time the DJIA has gone up over 81%. In other words, you would have over $18,000 if you had invested that ten grand in a stock index fund back in late 2011.

Now, I'm not saying the Cumulus Media stock crashed because they fired Randy & Spiff. I imagine the stock price today would be worth even less if they kept us because I would have demanded an incredible salary to stay with such a mismanaged company. Anyway ... I've killed some time and feel happy that I did not invest in Cumulus Media.

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