Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let's Play Two!

Doubt if you ever see this happen again. The Georgia Bulldogs winning two basketball games in one day on the home court of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Due to tornado damage at the Georgia Dome the SEC had to move their tourney to Georgia Tech (who was gracious enough to help out in a tough situation). Speaking of tough situations ... the Dawgs had two win two games in the same day to advance the tournament championship game on Sunday. (Something that had not been done in the modern era of college basketball.) Well, Georgia did it. Beat Kentucky in overtime and then a few hours later beat Mississippi State by four points. Needless to say my daughters are very happy with the results. And I am very happy for them as I continue to pay for my youngest who is currently at UGA. Maybe I can get a baseball cap out of this.


Bill Naivar said...

Useless trivia:

The original name for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets was the "Golden Tornadoes".

Spiff said...

Ooooh. I bet the game announcers would have LOVED to have that bit of information. How weird is that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Spiff! You should have heard the conversation at our dinner table when my daughter (a recent UGA grad) told my son (a 2001 GA Tech grad) "how cool is that? GA Bulldawgs cutting off the nets @ Tech?!!!!" What followed wasn't pretty!!!LOL

BTW, I'm not really "anonymous" - I just can't figure out how to choose an identity!! :)

Spiff said...

I would of LOVED to see that interaction. I imagine that your daughter has really enjoyed the last few years of football.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rachel's very proud of the football team. However, she seemed to enjoy the tail-gating aspect much more than the game!!! (there were many times her group never made it inside the stadium! :0 (Imagine that!!LOL)

I'm *Tori's mom* btw! :)