Thursday, March 6, 2008

Final Poll Results

Well, the polls have closed. Not on the presidential race ... on my poll question: "What should I do with my life?" 59% of you wanted me to "attempt to land another radio job in Atlanta". 37% think I should start my own photography business. And the rest of you think I should be working at a fast food restaurant. So, I guess I will take the results of this very scientific poll to various Atlanta radio stations and I'm sure the offers of employment will come pouring in. Meanwhile I will continue to practice my photography, just in case. And ... "Would you like fries with your order." Hey, at least a microphone is involved at the drive-thru. Thanks for helping me out. A new poll will be popping up soon.


Bill Naivar said...

You could always broadcast on the internet from the top of a water tower or something until somebody hires you. That seemed to work really well for .....what was that guy's name?

Spiff said...

I have been told by my parole officer to stay off of any kind of tower.

Anonymous said...

Hey Spiff,
There's a new 'Oldies' station in town. They've already hired Imus, so you must be next on their list. Get over there and threaten to sing for them unless they hire you!



Spiff said...

Terry: You are right, me singing is definitely a threat.