Monday, June 27, 2016


I’ve been experimenting with this for months and finally have a working model. I “MacGyvered” my Fitbit into a SlugBug. I now accumulate points while sitting at the computer, laying on the couch or just being a sloth. At the end of the day the readout on my SlugBug shows me what movies I could have watched while being a couch potato. For example, yesterday I was inactive long enough to have seen “Pearl Harbor” (3 hours 3 minutes), “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (2 hours 59 minutes) and 3 episodes of “Modern Family.” At the end of the week (if I accumulate enough laziness points) I get a free Netflix movie. I will let you know when I get out of the Beta-Testing stage. SlugBugs will only be sold online and delivered to your front door, because who would ever want to get their fat butt off the couch to drive somewhere to pick one up? Look for me soon on “Shark Tank.”


Unknown said...

Slug Bug is a punching game. Do you have to get punched if you're wearing a SlugBug?

Also, are you doing radio ads at the moment? I think I've heard your distinctive voice a few times over the last week or so.

Spiff said...

Used to play "Punch Buggy" with the VWs. I believe they used my voice on one financial adviser commercial that is airing in Atlanta.

Unknown said...

Yep, my daughter and I used to play it as we rode in my 65 Beetle (the real bug). We traveled the same route a lot, and it got so it was a contest to see who could first spot the bugs that were always in the same place, or who could distract the other to get the first glimpse.

It's good to hear your voice, because it brings back all the good memories of the oldies you and Randy played, the couple of oldies concerts we went to, and the characters you "interviewed". When I'm sitting in traffic, I often sing "Stuck in a Line," and it helps.