Thursday, August 9, 2012

Milt Famey ... The Beginning!

Once upon a time way back in the 1950s, there was a young baseball player named Milt Famey of the Milwaukee Braves.  Milt was a natural -- a once-in-a-lifetime phenom whose fast ball blew away the best hitters. His 90 MPH curve ball would start out like it was going to hit the batter's ear, only to break at the last instant and hit the outside corner of the plate for a strike. Milt’s change up made the best hitters in the league cry.  He was indeed awesome!  Why then, you might ask, is Milt Famey not in the Hall of Fame? Alas, like many others before him, Milt's downfall was demon alcohol.  He really liked to tilt the glass. His drinking became almost legendary around the country, but he never let it affect his pitching until The Braves and the Yankees were in the World Series.  The series was tied at three games apiece, and the Braves were in New York for the seventh and deciding game.  The night before the big event, Milt's thirst got the better of him. He sneaked out of the hotel after curfew, and bought himself two cases of beer.  As you might imagine, the next morning Famey didn't feel too good.  But being the pro that he was, Milt managed to do just fine -- until the bottom of the ninth inning. With the Braves ahead by one run, two out, and the bases loaded, Milt’s revelry from the night before finally caught up to him.  Eight straight pitches -- eight straight balls. He walked in the tying run and the winning run, thereby, losing the game and the series.  After the game, a reporter went to the jubilant Yankee's clubhouse and spoke to the last two players that faced Milt. "Tell me," the reporter asked, "to what do you attribute this victory over the best pitcher in the major leagues"?  In unison the Yankee players replied, ... "It was the beer that made Milt Famey walk us"!  And now you know … the rest of the story!


Anonymous said...

A great trip down memory lane. I remember when you first told this joke on Fox97. It spawned a series of Milt Famey jokes. Do you remember when Milt became a chicken farmer in Transylvania? Don't hatch your chickens before the Count.

Spiff said...

I do remember Transylvania Milt. Thanks for being such a loyal fan of our show.

Unknown said...

Or the time that he was making compasses in Tate, GA? He who has a Tates is lost. I earned my 'Research Staff' T-shirt for that one!