Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If Spiff was King for a Day

OK, if I was the “Dude (or Dudette) that be in charge” of this great country of ours … here is what I would do.  On January 1st I would check the national unemployment rate.  (Currently hovering around 9%).  I would then have a random drawing in the House and Senate and FIRE 9% of those folks.  Paychecks, insurance, all benefits … GONE!  Obviously those folks would qualify for Cobra Insurance if needed.  They would NEVER be allowed to return to their jobs again.  Retrain for a new career.  Isn’t that what we are told to do?  As far as the President goes.  9% of his or her campaign stash would be donated to the government to reduce the national debt.  Just think … every January we would be downsizing government and decreasing our national debt.  Just thinking.


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Georgia Road Geek said...

Now that's a 9-9-9 plan I would definitely support, Spiff! :)