Friday, November 19, 2010


What does it mean when a bird of prey sits outside your office window and stares at you?


Debbie said...

I just heard they are shutting down the Oldies station AGAIN!!!

Hate it, hate it HATE IT!

I do hope you guys find another gig soon. I've listened to you on at least three different stations. I'm willing to make it four if you are.

Spiff said...

106.7 is NOT going away. Only change is now we are LIVE and LOCAL for most of the day. Randy & I will be on from 6-10, followed by Kristen Charles from 10a-2p and then for the ride home, Tripp West from 2-7p.

Unknown said...

Excellent - so glad to hear 106.7 is not going away. Sorry about the misunderstanding.