Thursday, February 26, 2009

High School Reunion

Just found out about my 40th High School Reuion later this year. Boy, that sure opened the floodgates to a ton of memories. Ok, maybe not floodgate … but at least a trickle. (Which I will ask my doctor about next week during my annual physical.)

I remember our senior year going to Ottawa to see the Bulldogs play the Pirates for the Regional Championship basketball game. We trailed the entire contest until Gary Masley made a lay-up at the buzzer for the win! As we headed back to our car … we were jumped by a group of Ottawa students. I remember getting poked in the eye and screaming like a little girl who had her favorite Barbie run over by a lawn mower. That’s when Mike Cassidy stepped forward to face the bullies. Also about that time a really old couple came by. (I mean really old, probably in their 50’s) The Ottawa no-good-nicks scattered. I was so proud of Mike Cassidy for standing up to those guys that I wanted to hug him ... but back in those days that might have sent the wrong signal. That was well before the Manly Hug was accepted by society. So Mike … when I see you at the reunion … get ready for a really firm … handshake. Cause I’m still uncomfortable the whole men hugging each thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Anonymous said...

What a great story! And why on earth would ANYONE have a violent thought toward such a fine looking young man as young Spiff Carner....for God's sake he's wearing glasses! And you can hug me anytime Spiff!