Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mike the Headless Chicken

True story? You betcha!!! (From "The Best of Randy & Spiff ... Pandamonium")


Tye Buford said...

This is the stuff that I've miss so much of. Unfurtunatly for many of the years that you and Randy were on the air, I was working a 2nd shift job and missed a lot of your antics because I was sleeping until 10 am. And when I FINALLY get a day job and I'm able to listen to you in the mornings, they split you up. But let me tell you, what I HAVE caught, you all were HILARIUS!! Keep up the great work on your site (I need a good laugh everyday) and I'll keep looking for you on the air!

Spiff said...

Thanks Tye! You're looking for me on the air ... my wife is looking for me just to get out of the house!